The crisis in society and the disturbed system of values most affect young people, which is manifested in different ways. One of them is drug abuse, which in our community takes up epidemic conditions and in this way, we are getting closer to world trends.


According to the effect on the central nervous system, psychoactive substances are divided into:

– Depressors – which reduce the activity of the nervous system. At lower doses, they work soothingly while in general doses, general amnesia, coma and eventually death.

– Stimulants – supplements that increase the activity of the central nervous system. As soon as the impact ceases, the need for a new dose of performance will cease.

– Hallucinogens – substances that significantly change the experience of reality. Challenge the entire spectrum of psychological effects.

– Inhalants – substances whose abuse proves that drug use can be legal, cheap and lethal.


Dependence occurs when a person is no longer able to control his behavior about the drug. He acts contrary to common sense and his conscious desire. Even when she does not consciously want to take drugs, she can no longer resist it. There are two types of addiction:

  1. psychic dependence – psychological adaptation to the use of a substance. The addict over time is increasingly reliant on the drug, and she sees the solution to any problem. With it, she escapes from unpleasant feelings and difficulties. Psychic addiction is expressed as a desire that becomes the main driver of behavior.
  2. Physical dependence – adapting the body to the constant presence of the drug. When a drug is lost from our organism, then a crisis arises. The body reacts violently with symptoms that are contrary to the drug’s effect.


We will export some of the drugs from a large number of drugs.


Cannabis is the most commonly used toxin. Long-term causes of cannabis are that a person becomes lying, has a bad memory, problems with concentration. Other doctors think that it can be used for medical purposes.


A drug that is in the form of a powder and is entered through the nose. There is also a type of cocaine, which is an intravenous crack. Long-term use can lead to serious mental complications. It also creates a great psychological complication.


heroinThe drug that quickly leads to the loss of self-control. A heroin addict is ready to get to the drug. Long-term consumption of this drug leads to an increase in a dose that must be entered.